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July 16, 2002


New Desktops And Icons! - Now serving: Gobfuls of GUI Goodies that'll make your desktop burp with satisfaction! Great new icons are available on Page 11 and Page 12 of the Icon Department. Hangin' around in the Gallery are some fantastic new Desktops in all your favorite flavors! Get 'em while they is HOT!


Gideon Softworks In New York! - Live from New York, it's...Gideon Softworks! Gideon SoftworksGideon Softworks, Inc. announced the Gideon Softworks' Macworld NY Photo Journal. During Macworld they'll be posting images of Macworld and New York City. Stop by their site daily for new photos.

And to add to the funtivities, during Macworld you have the opportunity to pick up the Gideon MWNY Bundle - three of their award winning programs bundled together at a discounted price. Head over to Gideon Softworks and grab some fun!


NEW! Macintosh International - See the Mac scene around the world without leaving the comfort of your one-button mouse! Macintosh International takes a look at the Mac scene in several places around the world. In the autumn you will have the chance to submit your own picture. Passport and visa not required. You're sure to see Why the Mac is so great while visiting Macintosh International!


Monkie Business! - Plenty of Monkie fun is comin' your way on Wednesday! Dishin' out those iconian beauties are icon artists Samuel Krueger of Pixel Jerk, Mr. Dan Flax Creations, Paul "DV Graphics" Sahner, and master of miXthepiX, Hein Mevissen!

Gallery Goodies are comin' at ya from Alan Sherwood of EA Design, Mr. Todd PooPooChimp!"Jar Jar" Darland, Rampant Mac's "Cool Cat" Scott Chitwood, MAJArch Studios' Majestic Melissa, EMK Design's Evan Kaufman, and Monkie Man "I Gotta Go Poo Poo" - Mean Mr. Monkie!

While you're out and about lookin' for fun, don't forget to Sign Up for one of the over $1,600 worth of great prizes, like Mr. "K" from somewhere in Texas! =) Just be sure that you fill out that wascally form completely and in its entirety!


July 15, 2002

Birthday Giveaway Update! - The good folks at YazSoft have contributed 3 Speed Downloadcopies of Speed Download to MacMonkies' Birthday Giveaway, bringing the total prize value to over $1,600! There's plenty of cool prizes including a Playstation 2, a JVC DVD player, and great software from our contributors. Be sure to check out today's Featured Software. Then, hurry over and get yourself Signed Up!


Site News - Mikawares is back in the saddle again! Mr. Michele Bugliaro has updated his cool Mac archives with 22 new desktops, WITH preview! Well c'mon everybody and let's get to Mikawares tonight!


Featured Software Prize - You don't have to wait that long! If you're looking Stuffit Deluxeto send your files FAST, then Aladdin's Stuffit Deluxe is the app for you! Stuffit Deluxe shrinks those important files down - up to 98% smaller than their original size! It's EASY to use and you won't get stuck with a stuffed file you can't open, as it handles more platforms than anything else. Plus you can easily view and access those seldom used archived files. Think of all the hard drive space you can save! To top it off, 1 of 3 copies can be yours for FREE in MacMonkies' Birthday Giveaway. What ARE you waiting for? Check it out!


Weekend Update!

July 14, 2002

New Software! - Just when the going gets good...it just gets better! Mr. Ben Haller, master mind behind all things aqua at Stick Software, has put his feet together and put them out there on your screen with Big Foot! Ben says:

SBig Foot!tick Software released BigFoot, a fun, creative desktop critter that will keep you company through those short summer nights. The feet dance, chase the mouse and play hopscotch, among many other behaviors. Their appearance and behavior is very customizable, and you can even put your own foot images in, using your baby's footprint or your favorite pair of shoes.

Big Foot is perhaps the Monkiest piece of "useless" software we've laid our eyes on. Well worth the tiny $10 price tag! Plus, it has been added to our Birthday Giveaway Prize list! Get your big monkie feet over to Stick Software and grab your copy today!


Site News - EVERBODY loves DV Graphics! So what's holding you back? Well maybe some peer pressure will help sway your opinion...read what some of the Mac web's biggest personalities are saying about DVG! Get yer Monkie tail in gear and get on over there!


July 13, 2002

Rampant Mac Attack! - The Rampant Mac is back in black! Scott "Big-Fat-Daddy-Cat" Chitwood (it-must-be-horrible-to-be-so-hyphenated) has doubled his site size...Now there are TWO pages! Slip by and check out new additions Lusus Naturae and Art Desk no.9. There's plenty of GUI fun and madness goin' on at Rampant Mac!


Featured Software Prize - With MacMonkies' Birthday Giveaway officially under way, we want you to know about the cool prizes that are currently up for grabs. So let's get to it!

GraphicConverter from Lemke Software has got be the best value in image GraphicConvertereditors available - period! This great app will open virtually any picture with import capabilities of about 160 different formats and exports about 45. You can batch convert graphics, use the built-in browser to view pictures, and even watch a slide show with GraphicConverter! The app is easy to use and solid from the ground up. And certainly one of the best features is the price: $35 in U.S. currency buys you a great piece of software with free updates.

Don't be stuck with a great picture that you can't open! Sign up for your chance to win a copy of GraphicConverter or head over to Lemke Software and grab a copy today! Check it out!



July 12, 2002


Win A Sony PlayStation 2! - In honor of all of our wonderful readers and a year's worth of fun, we are officially kicking off our 1st Birthday Giveaway Celebration! Over $1,500 worth of cool stuff is up for grabs! Among the prizes are: a PlayStation 2 with game, a DVD Player with movie, and some awesome software from:

Aladdin Systems

Cocoa Tech

Gideon Softworks

Lemke Software

Marc Moini

piDog software

Power On Software


Stick Software

Tiger Technologies

Winning couldn't be easier! Just head over and get The Scoop on the Prizes and Contributors, check out the Guidelines, and fill out a quick Entry Form and you're on your way! Click here and let the fun begin!


Featured Software! - We want you to know what great prizes you have a chance of winning. And we certainly want you to know the coolest of cool software that's out there for your computer! So beginning tomorrow, we will begin featuring our contributors' software with a quick rundown of what it does and why it's so cool! Be sure and stop back and check it out!


New GUI Goodies - Mr. Dan Flax, Icons and Desktop editor of ResExcellence and Smile!creator of Flax Creations, has kindly contributed some fantastic new Boot Panels to spruce up your OSX X-perience! The first two of Dan's movie based works on display are X - MATRIX and 007. You're sure to enjoy these finely crafted "boots" from Dan Flax!


Desktop News - Mando Gomez sums up this week's additions at Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued this week 16 new desktops: 10 Apache Helicopters (aerospace), 3 Giant/Dual Monitor, 2 Technosis (abstract), and 1 Money desktop (world currency/paper money).

Swing by and check out all the latest from the huge desktop collections at Mandolux!


July 11, 2002

You Can Be An Icon! - Don't look like Bob LeVitus? Have more hair than Shawn Iconize Me!King? Can't quite match eye colors with Sly? But you still want a custom Hard Drive icon with your picture? Then get ready for Iconize Me! - a new service coming soon from DV Graphics. Keep your Bananas peeled and we'll be sure to keep you posted!


Monkie Business! - Did you know that laughing is aerobic? It provides a workout for the diaphragm and increases the body's ability to use oxygen. So put a smile on your face and slim that waist!


Network News

July 10, 2002

At The Top

Aqua Hits The Big Screen - Mac OS X users who attend the latest box office Aquasmash, Men In Black II, will spot a familiar sight. That's right! Mac OS X can be seen on the computer screen in the movie. According to one viewer, "The screen was round, so they modified OSX to be round too...the Dock curved to fit the bottom of the screen." For the first time, Mac software is being exposed on the big screen, and Aqua helps save the world! - from MacObserver


Monkie Birthday Giveaway! - Just around the corner is our First Ever MacMonkies' Birthday Celebra...GET TO THE PUNCH LINE ALREADY! OK! OK! How about over $1,400 worth of prizes to give away in just a short couple of days?! Mr. Crusoe will be happy to bring his servant to assist in the fun. Hmmm... ~=)



MacMonkies' Lucky #13 Icon Edition! - Holy buckets of "lucky" numbers! This is the 13th plate of fine Icon treats served up here at MacMonkies! Shall we dig in to these fine treats? Lez do!

DV Graphics - Paul Sahner of the ever popular DV Graphics really knows how to pack in the value! Glass IV is LOADED with awesome Aqua icons for all occasions!

And for those of you who want to put their fun to work, pick up a copy Tools of the Trade! This set is sure to add fun to your work space!


Pixel Jerk - From Pixel Jerk, Mr. Midas Touch Samuel Krueger adds bunches of class with Dreamweaver MX.

Adding further fun to your desktop experience is another dose of Christmas in July with XBells! This colorful set will add plenty of that festive feeling 365 days a year!


miXthepiX - The fun never ends with the great icon work from Hein Mevissen! From the icon archives of miXthepiX comes a second site self-titled set to tickle your icon fancy - MiXthepiX II!

Another set to mix work and fun is Hein's cool collection of Hein's Applications! Grab this great set and get to miXin'!

Check 'em out!


Another 9 New Desktops In The Gallery - Phew! We have big helpings of quality, quantity, and variety packed into this week's Desktop Edition. Grab a soup spoon!

Starfish3-D Spectacular! - Melissa's MAJArch Studios has recently delved into the many dimensions of Bryce 3-D! From The Studio comes a very fine work titled Night Starfish!


Mr. Alan Sherwood of EA Design digs deep into the serious side of his artistic abilities with his portrayal of Dante's Inferno. Alan quotes:

Really the name says it all, but a piece designed to portray one of the 27 (if I remember correctly) rings of hell where the sinners are kept eternally in a sea of ice and only their heads remain above the surface.

This piece is certainly one of Alan's best.


From Rampant Mac's chief pixelator (umm, maybe the only pixelator) Scott Chitwood, comes Desolate Beauty. This masterfully crafted piece is well worth the lookin', as its preview just doesn't do it justice. Take a closer look! =)


From the master of Monkie Ceremonies - Mr. Wiles - come 2 new 3-D works. From Above sports a warm Heavenly glow to brighten your desktop encounters. And the futuristic piece titled The Gallery sports an out-of-this-world look into rooms not yet foreseen. Huh? Don't worry, we don't have a clue either!


Dreaming Desktops - Evan Kaufman of EMK Design adds his usual touch of class with the beautiful blue piece titled Meantal Blue.

And while you're still somewhere between here and La La Land, how about a nice collaborative piece by EA design's webmaster Ed Allen and head MacMonkie Bradford Wiles? Dreaming is an adaptation of the Monkie piece titled Adumbration (look that one up!). Ed added some nice Photoshop effects creating a whole new look and feel! Thanks Ed!


The BossETC... - For a flurry of furry finale, we thought we'd officially introduce the REAL brains behind the Monkie Business: Tigger and Toenails. Though Tigger thinks he should be King, Toenails is most certainly The Boss. This nice black & white certainly shows off Toes' authority.

However, Tigger somehow manages to muster up the overriding Veto power and simply tells everyone to Go Back To Sleep! Now that's my kind of leader! Enjoy!




Melissa, Scott, Paul,
Sam, Evan, Alan, Hein
, and Ed -

You all are AWESOME! Thanks for your great work
and for being such wonderful people!


Have a piece you want to display?
Check out our Submissions guidelines and then send it in!



Featured Link - Be sure to check out this week's Featured Link - RAD.E8! As is Monkie custom, RAD.E8 has also been added to our Links Page. Check 'em out!



Community News

ResExcellenceResExcellence - Bass master Michael Coyle and company from ResExcellence have quite literally gone fishin'! Michael invites all the ResEx regulars to dig deep into their massive archives for tons of Mac fun. You know the routine...Click click!


DV Graphics - Paul Sahner knows no such thing as a dull moment at the studios of DV Graphics! Paul has officially released his latest MacGeeks icon collection: MacGeeks2! Inside this new set you will find personalities from MacMonkies, Your Mac Life, TackyShirt, and even Paul! He has also added new "banner ad" images and a Your Mac Life radio clip on his "Awards page." Check it out!


Xicons - Have you heard? Now you can add a graphical link to Xicons right in your Microsoft Internet Explorer toolbar! Get all the details and check out all the latest OSX icons at Xicons!


Mandolux - Mando Gomez has added yet another colorful selection to the vast desktop archives of Mandolux. The latest selection is a new Technosis/Anthraxis piece titled Fireworks. Grab a look!


TERRA Dreams - If you're looking for ultra-realistic landscape desktops, you best get yourself over to TERRA Dreams! They have 3 recent additions to their awesome collection, 2 of which were added in the last couple days! If you haven't been there yet, you're missin' some great stuff! Get goin'!


miXthepiXmiXthepiX - Mr. Hein Mevissen at miXthepiX keeps crankin' out the quality as well as the downloads. In order to keep up with high demand, Hein is looking for a sponsor. Let Hein know how much you appreciate his work! If you can help out, drop him a line at:themixer@mixthepix.com.


Check 'em Out!


Send us your news: press@macmonkies.com


News On The Net...

Apple Addiction: Tons O' T-Shirts! - Raines Cohen has collected over 500 Mac and Apple T-ShirtApple related T-shirts over the last 20 years. His collection is so unique that it has been added to the collection of Apple artifacts at Stanford University. Cohen has simply picked up T-shirts while attending Apple events, much like a person would buy a T-shirt at every concert they attend. He has been to every Macworld Expo held in the last seventeen years. - from Wired

Apple Offers WWDC 2002 Sessions - Those who are not able to attend the Macworld Expo in New York have been given options regarding access to the many sessions that will be held on Mac OS X, QuickTime, WebObjects and many other topics. Apple is offering an $800 package of all sessions. Individual sets can be bought for $300. Sessions are streamed via QuickTime on ADC TV, and the $800 package will also be available on DVD-ROM in August.
- from Apple

TechnoBoom: Cyber-Fireworks! - Alberto Navarro, a pyrotechnic artist, is having Fireworkshis company develop a software program that will allow fireworks shows to be viewed and programmed in advance. His company, Infinity Visions, is expecting to have Visual Show Director 4D ready for use by the next fourth of July. The program will allow users to "view the colorful bursts from different angles, add music, change colors and heights, and create patterns -- all from the comfort of their computer."
- from Wired

Music On The Net: You Know It Ain't Easy - CDUniversal Music, the planet's biggest music company, will be working with the media company Vivendi to offer music downloads via the internet. The content of about 1,000 albums will be offered using EMusic.com. EMusic is a music subscription service which charges $9.99 - $14.99 for unlimited access to over 200,000 songs. The effort is to get exposure to artists such as the Four Tops and Ringo Starr that have "trouble getting into the rack these days," but deserve to "find a broader audience."
- from Yahoo

Ain't That The Pits: Cherry Pit Spitters - The Krause family have a special talent - Cherryand they show it off every year. They are topnotch cherry pit spitters! At the annual Cherry Pit Spitting Championship in Michigan, Father Rick and his two sons, Brian and Matt, took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. His wife and youngest son also participated in the contest. Brian Krause holds the world record for spitting a cherry pit 22 meters in 1998.
- from Ananova


the Apevine

Have you Heard?

No New Power Macs At The MWNY? - Joe Wilcox, staff writer for CNET.com, reports that Apple will not release new G4 Power Macs with bumped up processor speeds at the Macworld Expo in New York next week. However, Wilcox states that Apple will be unveiling a new iMac with a 17" monitor. The faster Power Macs are reportedly to arrive at a later date, such as August.

Wilcox also reports that a date for Apple's next installment of OSX, code named Jaguar, is to be announced by Steve Jobs at the Keynote Address for the MWNY. The release, "barring any last-minute glitches," is expected in August, rather than the traditional September release date.


MWNY Keynote Webcast! Apple will be broadcasting the Macworld Expo keynote address live via the internet on July 17 at 9 AM ET! No need to fork out the dough or wait in those nasty lines. Just grab a copy of QuickTime and head to Apple on the 17th. It's that easy - just like a Mac!

Have some inside information on upcoming events? Review our Submission Policy and drop us a line!

Very Ape!

Check 'em Out!

More Cool Software! - Ever noticed that when you find a company that makes a xBackcool program, you're bound to find more cool stuff from the same company? It's true! And Gideon Softworks is no exception. Way back in the 20th Century, I found regular desktop pics far too boring. I had dreams of having a desktop on my Performa 6300 that MOVED! Flash forward a few short years: Gideon Softworks has just released a great version of xBack, an OSX app that transforms your Screen Savers into a cool desktop backdrop. What could be cooler than that? How 'bout the price: FREE!

If you have OSX and enjoy showing your Mac the time of its life, xBack from Gideon Softworks is a must have application. What ARE you waiting for? Check it out!


Just Plain Nutz!


A man was on a flight to New York from LA. He was sitting next to a blonde lady. He decided to have some fun, so he asked the blonde to play a game: He would ask a question, and if she didn't know the answer, she would pay him $10, and vice versa.

The blonde refused. But the man, instead of giving up, said "I'll pay you $100 for every question I don't know, and you can only pay me $10." The blonde accepted.

The man asked: "Who is the leader of Russia?" The blonde promptly handed him a $10 bill.

Then she asked: "What is black and white and runs up hills backwards?"

The man pondered on this for a while, then took out his laptop and proceeded to check all his references, e-mail all his friends, and ask the question in chat rooms. After an hour the man handed the blonde $100, then asked "What was it anyway?"

The blonde handed him a $10 bill and chuckled.


Law of Necessity: If it is good, they will stop making it!


Q: What do you call cheese that's not yours?
A: Nacho cheese!


A burglar entered a house in the middle of the night. He was interrupted when the owner awoke. Drawing a gun, the burglar said, "Don't move or I'll shoot. I'm hunting for your money."

"Let me turn on the light," replied the victim, "and I'll hunt with you."


What NOT To Say To The Police

Sure I'll get my license, but can you hold my beer?

Sorry, Officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in.

Hey, you must've been doin' about 125 mph to keep up with me. Good job!

You're not gonna check the trunk, are you?

Gee, Officer! That's terrific. The last officer only gave me a warning, too!


Once a programmer drowned in the sea. Many Marines were at that time on the beach, but the programmer was shouting "F1 F1" and nobody understood it.


Microsoft Chicken - It's already on both sides of the road. And it just bought the road.

OS/2 Chicken - It tried to cross the road several times, and finally gave up.

Java Chicken - If your road needs to be crossed by a chicken, the server will download a chicklet to the other side.

Web Chicken - Jumps out onto the road, turns right, and just keeps on running.


You know your dog is depressed when it thinks, "Adam Sandler makes $20 million a film and I'm drinking out of a toilet."


One day the son of the big chief comes to the Medicine man and says "Big Chief no fart!"

So the Medicine man says, "Give him one pill every 5 hours and come back to me in a week."

The son comes back and says "Big Chief no fart!"

So the Medicine man says, "Give him 2 pills every 3 hours come back to me tomorrow!"

So the son comes back the next day and says, "Big chief no fart!"

The Medicine man says "Really! Give him one bag of pills every hour come back to me tomorrow!"

The son comes back the next day and exclaims,"Big Fart...No Chief."

Have a good line or two that would put a smile on an Ape Face? Check out MacMonkies' Submission Policy and drop us a line!


Monkie Business!

Odds and Ends


The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck!

- Anon


Not Being Yourself

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

- Oscar Wilde






Was 735

 the Bottom Lineline4

(What more did you expect?! )

"In Brief"

Info & Updates

Birthday Giveaway!

Over $1,600 worth of cool stuff is up for grabs as we celebrate 1 year on the net!
for details.

Big Gig: 200 GB Hard Drive Debut

Western Digital to debut 200 GB hard drive this month.

Bad Boys Meet Bad Boys

The bad boys of rock, The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, are scheduled for an "appearance" on TV's "bad boys," The Simpsons.
Sounds like a dinosaur fest.

Mac OS9

HTML code optimizing tool

WebDesign 1.6

Powerful HTML editor with many unique features

HTML-Optimizer 6.1

Optimizes HTML to minimize load time, and more

QuicKalendar 1.0.1

Small to full screen calendar with print capability

GraphicConverter 4.4.2

View, edit, convert most graphic file formats

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1.5

Popular Web browser

MP3 Rage 5.1.1

MP3 ID3 tag editor, player, cataloger

Toast Titanium 5.1.4

CD/DVD mastering (burning) solution

Symantec Norton Utilities 7.0.1

Disk repair & data recovery tool

Use Live Update

ChangeDesktop 2.1.1

Randomly changes Desktop picture from any # of folders

WebDesign 1.6

powerful HTML editor with many unique features

Themer: Anche 2.7

theme switching application

Cocoa eFax 0.9.6b28

Fax software

Web Site Maestro X 1.5

Check, optimize, then upload your web pages

HTML-Optimizer X 6.1

Optimizes HTML to minimize load time, and more

GraphicConverter X 4.4.2

view, edit, convert most graphic file formats

Microsoft Internet Explorer X 5.2.1

Popular Web browser

PocketDock 2.51

Launcher and organizer for apps, docs, & links

Proteus 2.0b2

Instant message app for AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo

Copernicus 1.0.7

screen & movie capture utility

Classic's Apple Menu 1.0.7

brings the Classic Apple menu to OS X

MP3 Rage 5.1.1

MP3 ID3 tag editor, player, cataloger

Toast Titanium 5.1.4

CD/DVD mastering (burning) solution

Desktastic 2.0

tool to draw directly on the desktop

JustReminderZ 2.9.8

alarm and event notification tool


 Editor's Notes

Monkie Brains

Just a thought:

It is SO much easier to complain that it is to DO something about the complaint. Or is it?

It may take time and making a BUNCH of mistakes, but one's negative thought process CAN change.

And, if thoughts lead to actions, you really can make a difference if you put your mind to it!


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