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 About This Site


MacMonkies was designed with the smorgasbord lover in mind. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of "goodies" for the computer enthusiast of all walks. From gobfuls of GUI, to the latest Buzz on the Net, and even a little music, it is our goal to put a generous portion on your computer plate! Top it all off with a smile and you have the recipe for MacMonkies!


MacMonkies is a fast food joint for the jungle. We're here so you can grab a quick bite and then head out to the big surf. The selections we offer are mostly the lite versions from what the rest of the net has to offer. We will touch on the news and rumors, hilite cool places to visit, report current updates, and throw a big fat banana smile your way. We will also feature nifty software and gather up some GUI stuff to spiff up your computer. Finally, we will showcase all original music and graphic design by:

Purple Punk Productions.

Looky Line


We at MacMonkies are very interested in your contributions.

If you have something you would like to send our way, check out the following guidelines.

In General: Keep it light and simple; and please keep it clean. This is a G to PG rated site. But perhaps most important, keep it FUN! We're serious about monkeying around!

Updated April 17, 2006:

MacMonkies reserves the right to publish textual submissions - in whole, in part, or not at all - at the editor's discretion.


mail12the Gallery: MacMonkies currently features a variety of work by Purple Punk Productions. We would love to display your Desktops and Icons too! The guidelines to submit are simple:

1) Keep it clean! Our audience runs from ages 12 to 60.

2) It must be your original work! Be sure to include your name and a brief description of your work.

3) Submitting:

A. For Desktops, please send a high quality pic in most any format you feel comfy with. The size should be 1024 X 768 or larger with proportional dimensions.

B. For Icons, please include a Read Me file with your work. Try to keep the compressed file size limited to 1 MB or less. Also, please send icons that are OSX and backward compatible if possible.

4) Please send your work compressed in .sit or .zip format. If you don't have a compression tool, download your free trial version of Allume's StuffIt here. You are welcome to send your work without being compressed, but we can't guarantee it will arrive to us in a readable form.

5) Please remember: When it comes to desktop and icon subject matter, their are infinite possibilities. If we don't post your pic, it doesn't mean we don't like it. It simply means that we may find some material inappropriate for all viewers.

6) If you agree to the above guidelines, attach it to an e-mail and send it to:

infomonk [at] macmonkies dot com


mail12Network News: Something interesting going on out there on the net? We'd love to hear about it. Just about any light-hearted or computer oriented news would be most appropriate. We are also interested in news that makes for good food for thought. With any clip of information, be sure to include your name, e-mail address, and a reliable, trackable source for your contribution.

mail12the Apevine: If you have some inside information on upcoming events, let us know. We prefer to avoid gossip, but are very interested in the latest buzz. With your name and e-mail address, please list your source and a place of reference if available. Your personal information will not be revealed except by your request.

mail12Very Ape!: Gotta love the COOL stuff! We wanna hear from those of you who make our computers as fun and customizeably cool as possible. If you are such the person or know of someone who is or where to look, send it EXPRESS! Be sure to tell us who you are, how to find you, and something about the goods. Know of a neat site or just a great place to rest your feet? We wanna hear from you too. Along with your personal information, send us the scoop on how to link up to the site or software.

mail12Bananas: Ah man! This is perhaps the heart and soul of the operation. We have to have a healthy dose of dumb humor! So, don't ponder too long and send us a smile. If it contains (clean) humor, we want to hear. SHORT stories, quick quotes, or clever anecdotes will do just fine here. Easy on the jokes, heavy on the humor. Be sure to let us know if your contribution is original. If it belongs to someone else, PLEASE give credit where credit is due

Mail Submissions to:

infomonk [at] macmonkies dot com

We look forward to hearing from you!

If there is anything we've missed or something you would like see, please let us know.


The Monkie Wrench

The following is a partial list of parts under the hood of MacMonkies


Adobe PageMill 3.0, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Bryce 4, Bryce 5, GraphicConverter, ResEdit, TypeStyler, Cubase VST/32 5.1, Cubase SX, Sound Jam MP, and Toast Titanium 5.1.3.

Testing of this site was done in all current browsers by Microsoft and Netscape for both Mac and Windows. Additional testing was conducted with OmniWeb 4.0 for Mac OSX and AOL for OS9 and OSX.

SoftWindows 98 was used to emulate the Windows environment.


Macintosh "Quicksilver" G4 1GHz Dual Processor, 1.5 GB of RAM. Operated by MacOS 9.2.2 and MacOSX.

Apple 17" Studio Monitor.

iMac G4 800 MHz, 768 MB of RAM. Operated by MacOS 9.2.2 and MacOSX.


Special Thanks

Kara Kelly

Matthew Bice

Scott Chitwood at Rampant Mac

Dan Flax and the rest of the Staff at ResExcellence

Michael Rabe at The Doghouse

Rene at Happicon




This entire site is produced and maintained by:

Purple Punk Productions

All original material Copyright 1997 - 2006