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systeMacs Press Release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California -July 9, 2002- systeMacs, the Mac enterprise
computing experts, today announced the release of boxIT, a new softwareproduct that allows Macintosh computers to have system software and applications instantly installed from a remote computer, in addition to unprecedented backup and restore functionality for Macs.

With boxIT, a disk image of a customized Mac with a properly configured operating system and applications is copied to an external FireWire, USB or SCSI device. This image can be deployed to an unlimited number of user computers simultaneously. When problems occur, the user or IT support person can restore this image in less than one hour. These capabilities have never before been available to Macintosh users.

"systeMacs has been working as consultants with enterprise-level
Macintosh users since 1986, and this is a product many of our clients
needed," said Ken Easterby, president and co-founder of systeMacs.
"boxIT adds a functionality to Mac-based networks that previously was
only available in the PC world. It not only cuts total cost of ownership
(TCO), but it will help our clients maintain their mission-critical

Using boxIT, system software and applications can be installed on a Mac
or multiple Macs, in less than one hour! Under normal conditions, this
process can take from three to five hours per computer. It is expected
that boxIT will initially be used by many companies to deploy Mac OS X.

systeMacs clients expect significant cost savings from boxIT not only
due to a drastic decrease in time spent installing new users and upgrading existing ones, but also due to a much faster disaster recovery process. boxIT has already been beta tested with several systeMacs clients and has been met with enthusiastic reviews.

"Using the boxIT solution, I was able to restore my failed OS X
E-commerce web server in 15 minutes," said Urundi Sanchez, CEO of
LiteCode Technologies. "Without the custom image from systeMacs it would have taken me 10 hours or more to rebuild my server. boxIT saved me thousands of dollars, and I would recommend it to anyone who owns Macs."

About systeMacs

Founded in 1986, systeMacs was established to provide complete
information technology solutions for companies that use Apple Macintosh systems. Today, systeMacs is a premium provider of unique technology and project management solutions.

Public Relations Contact:
Rick Sparks
(650) 704-8741

For more information on systeMacs, visit www.systeMacs.com or call (650) 968-0549








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