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Monkie Birthday!

Welcome to the Winner's Circle!

If your name is on the list, you will be contacted by MacMonkies

or the Software Manufacturer with the information on how to claim your prize.

Questions? Please write: info@macmonkies.com



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Monkie Prizes!

MacMonkies' 1st Birthday Giveaway!

Way back 1 year ago on July 4 of 2001, I decided to throw everything Mac into the blender and see what came out. The result? A little MacMonkie smorgasbord placed on an iTools platter. The main idea was to serve up all things Mac with a touch of much on the WWW with a great big smile. Little did I know it would be so catchy! This little niche in the web has been hit several million times just since we went the way of the Dot Com in January!

So let's cut to the chase: We wanna say THANKS! So, we threw together some great gifts and even asked our favorite Software Companies to share in the fun. As a result, we have over $1,500 worth of cool stuff to give away! A great big Monkie THANKS go out to all those who generously contributed to the festivities!

Once you've checked out these cool prizes and our AWESOME contributors, hurry over and get yourself SIGNED UP for tons of fun. Check 'em out!

Prizes and Contributors


Sony PlayStation 2 and Spider-Man
1 each

Alfred Weisse


JVC DVD Player and Monsters Inc.
1 each

Joy Tallant

Aladdin Systems

Stuffit Deluxe - 3 copies

Rafael Espinosa

Betty Weintraub

Sarah Arnold


Power On Software

ACTION Utilities - 1 copy

Sabine Kmiecik

Gideon Softworks

Dock-It - 1 copy

Adrian Keller

Snard - 1 copy

Kevin McClain

FileXaminer - 1 copy

Les Siewert

Autologin - 1 copy

Kevin Eaches



Max Menus - 3 copies

Brian Miller

Steve Kline

Chris Koehn

Lemke Software

GraphicConverter - 1 copy

Peter Johnson


Marc Moini

A-N-I-M-A-L-S - 3 copies

Warren Strand

D.J. Hoffman

Ed Baker

Startup Doubler - 3 copies

Rick Weiss

Howard Weir

Michael Penland


SNAX - 10 copies

Pierre Nicolas Durette

Michael Barolsky

John Kinsella

David Poves

Douglas K. Beagley

Alberto Cacicedo

Chris Harvey

Jeff Blakemore

Francois Trudeau

Eric Smith


Stick Software
Lifetime Supply Bundle: Includes ALL of the following PLUS all Future apps made!

- 1 copy

Eyeballs - 1 copy

Big Foot - 1 copy

- 1 copy

Constrictor - 1 copy

Jacob Godwin-Jones


Helium - 1 copy

Jason Rainieri

Holiday Lights - 1 copy

Jim Judge

Speed Bump - 1 copy

Shai Shefer

Window Monkey - 1 copy

Greg F. Yates

Menuette - 1 copy

Kevin Tibbetts


piDog software

piPop - 1 copy

Greg Fiumara


Membership -

25 copies

William Betts

Roger Anderson

Tim Dehring

Trevor Covert

Jonathan Goffan

Markus Magnuson

Nitehawk Jarrett

Eric J Heller

Ray Ruiz

Lisa Fernstrum

James Thompson

Rick Holt

Tony Yip

John Klinger

Daria Peleg

Laurette Uzan-Chomat

Steve Christon

Richard A Radke

Josh Braun

Carroll Jonea

Keith Kemp

Cleto Criste

Brian Mackey

Mark Seko

Garry Swanson


Speed Download - 3 copies

Barry Reed

Juan Manzano

Scott Metzel


REALmac Software

Button Builder extreme 3 -

3 copies

Martin-Luc Girard

Richard Addy

Adam Campbell




Power On Software