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Kara Kelly








July 2, 2002


GUI Is Served! - If you want GUI, you got it! Our latest feast of Icons and Desktops is prepared and ready for feastin'! Click your way over and check out all the latest Desktops lined up in the Gallery. And for dessert, let your eyes wander over to Page 9 and Page 10 of the Icon Department and top off your eye candy appetite. Enjoy!


Unstable Mark of Punctuation: A Good Question - Why DID the chicken cross the road?

ChickenSaddam Hussein: This was an unprovoked act of rebellion and we were quite justified in dropping 50 tons of nerve gas on it.

Dr. Seuss: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes the chicken crossed the road, but why he crossed, I've not been told!

Or, as one Monkie said to another: You're only hearing things! It was BACH!

Got a good funny bone or three that will keep a Monkie quiet (so as to keep our beloved editor from telling stupid jokes)? Drop us a line!


Icon Alert Update! - Special thanks go out to Mr. Paul Sahner of DV Graphics for finding the G3 PowerBook icons that MacMonkies' reader Jake was on the lookout for. THANKS PAUL!


More Monkie Business - If you're looking for great gobs of GUI to brighten up your desktop, then we've got a great selection comin' at ya this Wednesday (that's tomorrow, folks)! A number of contributors will be providing this week's Icons and Desktops: EA Design, Rampant Mac, EMK Design, miXthepiX, DV Graphics, Pixel Jerk, IheartNY, Todd Darland, Bob Spence, and of course, MacMonkies!

And later this week we will have additional GUI work as well as a "little surprise!"

Best keep your Bananas peeled and DON'T CHANGE THAT MONKIE DIAL!


July 1, 2002

Icon News - This first day of July marks a great day in the Icon community. . Apple Pro Mouse TOTTDVGraphics' Paul Sahner has released the awesome new set of icons titled Tools of the Trade. This fine collection of 12 icons that saw its preview debut here at MacMonkies is now available for download along with all the rest of the great sets at DV Graphics. Seeing is believing, but downloading these gems will surely make your Mac Happy! Get to clickin'!


Smirk of the Day - Anytime you see a young man open a car door for his girlfriend, either the car is new or the girlfriend is.


Weekend Update!

June 30, 2002

Icon Alert! - We need your help! A MacMonkies reader is "looking for an OS X icon of a realistic (photographic or 3D rendered) PowerBook G3 frontal view." This is the original Black Keyboard Wallstreet G3. Have you seen a set that matches this description? If you have, please drop us a line here and let us know. Your help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!


Beta News - America Online has updated the AOL for Mac OS X software to AOLBuild 11C. According to AOL, "this new build includes a brand new Toolbar, enhanced menu bar options, and other changes that conform to Apple's Mac OS X guidelines." The latest beta build can be downloaded at AOL Keyword: Beta.

Editor's Note: Though the toolbar has been revamped, it is still a bit too large, has less functionality than the previous build, and still sports the Fischer Price pastel colors.


Thought For The Day - To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

- Elbert Hubbard


June 29, 2002


Tools of the Trade: Exclusive Preview - Those darned Midnight Monkies got Tools of the Trade Logoin cahoots with the DV Graphics minions and passed about the top secret files of Paul Sahner's forthcoming icon set titled Tools of the Trade. Previews of this outstanding icon set can be seen first right here at MacMonkies - though we may be in some hot Monkie water if those DVG minions are pulling a fast one on us (Sir Paul, we beg your mercies in advance!). Check out the previews of this awesome new set here before you check us out in the hospital! Enjoy!


Icon News! - The good folks over at The Iconfactory have announced the 2097release of a brand new set of icons: Wipeout 2097 Team Craft! This "highly realistic Aqua-style icon interpretation" was created by Factory worker Dave Brasgalla and based on the Playstation game Wipeout 2097. This new set is sure to satisfy your icon hunger. A matching desktop can be found at Dave's personal site Pixelhaus. Head over to The Iconfactory and check 'em out!


Software Updates - The last couple of days has brought updates to OSX and some of your favorite Mac apps. Let's take a look!

From Apple - The July 2002 Apple Security Update can be found in the Software Update panel in the System Preferences of OSX.

From Micromat - The popular Mac utilities from Micromat have been updated: TechTool Pro to version 3.0.7 and TechTool Lite to version 3.0.3.

Shareware - The startup accelerator Startup Doubler from Marc Moini has been updated to version 2.7b1 and fixes a bug that would cause a rare VM-related startup freeze and also fixes a missing control panel icon bug.

Freeware - If you love to customize your Mac, grab the latest release of TinkerTool version 2.2a for OSX from the good folks at MBS.

Be sure to keep your Mac up to date get all the latest versions of your favorite software!


John Entwistle: 1944-2002 - The Who bass player John Entwistle died on John EntwistleJune 27, 2002 of an apparent heart attack. He was 57. The Who was just about to embark on a U.S tour when Mr. Entwistle died in Las Vegas Nevada the night before the tour was to begin. Surviving members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have decided to continue the tour beginning Monday with bassist Pino Palladino as Entwistle's replacement. Who drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 from a drug overdose. John Entwistle is considered one of the most innovative and best bass players of all time. He will truly be missed. - from Billboard.com



June 28, 2002


Glass BundleNew Monkie Bundle! - We are pleased to add another Monkie Bundle to the Monkie archives. Our latest bundle comes straight from the GUI gold mine of Scott Chitwood's Rampant Mac! You're sure to enjoy Glass Bundle, containing Glass Box Fractal packaged with Glass Iconoci, all bundled up for your one-click download needs!

Also, grab a peek at the latest New Desktops and New Icon Sets. Have a look!


Desktop News - Mando Gomez gives us the weekly roundup from the desktop additions this week at Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued 15 new desktops this week. The new desktops are: 9 Giant Petals (Giant/Dual Monitor), 1 Technosis/Anthraxis (abstract/light/rave), and 5 WorldCup 2002 Flags: Germany, Brazil, Korea, & Turkey (Vector). There is also a preview of future Technosis desktops.

Be sure to stop by Mandolux and check out these awesome additions!


EA Design - The gentlemen residing at EA Design are taking a well deserved EA Designholiday from their creative studios. They will be back in roughly 3 weeks time. Be sure to keep checking back as Ed and Alan are sure to have some great new works as well as some cool new site updates!


Icon News! - Juan Manzano Updates Topicons with 2 new sets: Icons 4 and Applications Vol 2. And while you're out there cruisin' the net, be sure to check out the latest reviews and events at IconsTree.

Also in the news of icons is creative king of DV Graphics, Paul Sahner. Paul has made your browsing at DV Graphics even easier by organizing his News Archive for quick clickin'!

Stop by all these great GUI sites and check 'em out!


June 27, 2002

Mac Site News - AquaticMac has a new Aquatic Ballot Box with a new poll question: Is Software Update your friend or foe? Visit AquaticMac and get aquatic!Quick Silver

Also, Why the Mac is so great.com opens a new section - Mac Vox Populi. Everyday, they'll have a new question/topic of the day. Viewers can email in their views on a new hot topic of the day.

Be sure to stop by and check out these and all latest at AquaticMac and Why the Mac is so great.com!


Bugz!Squash That Bug: July Virus Definitions - Symantec has released the July virus definitions for Norton AntiVirus. They are currently available for download here.


Browser Alert! - The latest version of the built-for-Mac web browser - iCab 2.8.1 - is now available for both Classic and OSX. You can grab your copy of this great browser here.


Network News

June 26, 2002

At The Top

Explorer Takes A Dive? - Ratings show use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Internet Explorerweb browser down by 1.3 percent last month. Showing an increase were web browsers from Netscape and Mozilla. Use of Netscape 7.0 was up by 0.6 percent, while 0.4 percent of users chose Mozilla 1.0. Though the stats for last month show a decrease in the use of Internet Explorer, it actually had a gain of 1.7 percent globally. With alternative browsers that have noticeably faster rendering capabilities, it will be interesting to see the future fate of Internet Explorer - the internet's road hog. - from CNet



Beyond X : MacMonkies' 11th Icon Edition! - We've plenty of fantastic icons for you to feast on. Let's look!

AquariconsRampant Mac - Re-introducing the master of madness, the sultan of swing, the...WHAT the heck are we saying? We don't know either. However, we do know that you will really enjoy Aquaricons, a really cool icon set from Rampant Mac's Scott Chitwood.

Also from Scott comes a Classic set of his trademark trinkets titled Glass Iconoci! Yum yum!


miXthepiX - Our next artist is sure to get your eyes drooling with his icon expertise. Hein Mevissen from miXthepiX offers this finely crafted set of aqua icons called Quantum Foam!

And keeping in the tradition of making your Mac happy is G4 Dock, a great set from Hein that will add tons of sparkle to your desktop and dock experience!


Happicon - Rene selects just the right array of moods for your Mac with FinderMoods. Let your desktop express itself with this popular set from Happicon!


Eye9design - Wrapping things up with a grand finale are two awesome icon sets from Patrick O'Kelly, master icon craftsman of Eye9design. Let MercuryLensX 4 and MercuryLensX 5 add lots of class to your icon collections!

Check 'em out!

8 New Desktops In The Gallery - 8 new desktop works grace our Gallery this week.

Traveling Desktop Dolls - Combining art and intellect comes the second fine selection from Bob Spence's Doll series titled Dolls 2.

And shedding a little light on the Desktop Department is the fourth installment of the Easy Travel series from EA Design's Ed Allen - Easy Travel IV.


Naturally Speaking - After a long hiatus, the On the RunNature Department is updated with a Photoshop altered photo from the wilderness of the Seminoe Mountains of Wyoming - On the Run. This one comes straight from the adventures and outdoor excursions in the Monkie's "backyard."


Four 3-D - Alan Sherwood of EA Design heads up the 3-D Department with Our Landscape III. From Alan:

This is a variation on the second piece showing the different relationships that from between different people. The way we are able to mix with people of different backgrounds and cultures. This being praised the message of not being able to express still holds fast.

Of Alan's artistic specialties, this is number three in his "Landscape" series.

Mr. Rampant Mac himself, Scott Chitwood, offers up one of his colorful classics titled Glass Box Fractal. This one will add plenty of color to your desktop!

From MacMonkies this week come two 3-D works - Trinity and Edge of Never.


Etc! - Just Toes closes this week's desktop edition with an in-your-face closeup of Toenails, the real brains behind the Monkie scene! Enjoy!




Alan, Hein, Bob, Ed, Rene, Patrick, and Scott -

You're the best! You are great artists and fantastic people!


Have a piece you want to display?
Check out our Submissions guidelines and then send it in!


Featured Link - This week we have chosen Mando Gomez' Mandolux for our Featured Link! We have also added Mandolux to our Links Page. Check it out!



Community News

Desktop FoldersmiXthepiX - You just can't get a good Icon artist to sit still! Hein Mevissen has added yet another cool icon set modestly titled Desktop Folders to the collections at miXthepiX. Check out this great set of 11 Aqua icons!


DV Graphics - DV Graphics' Paul Sahner has crafted another fine icon set using caricatures of those crazy Mac switchers from the new Apple Ads. This new set is appropriately titled SWITCHERS! Come on! Grab a look!


IconsTree - There are plenty of icon site reviews to check out at Juan Manzano's IconsTree. Check out the news, reviews, icons and all the other GUI goodies at IconsTree!


Flax Creations - There's a great new set of icons now available at Dan Flax's gallery of GUI goodness at Flax Creations! You can check out Aquaoids and all the other goodies at Dan's artistic filled site. He also has a new set available at ResExcellence titled Geometrics. Check 'em out!


Pixel Decor - Update your computer with a new desktop, a new pattern, and (gasp), a JULY CALENDAR! Woo hoo! These are all the latest from PixelDécor! Hurry over and grab a look, daddio!


Rampant Mac Returns! - GUI gunslinger Scott Chitwood has officially reopened the doors of the best GUI stop on the web - Rampant Mac! The new and improved Rampant Mac also has a new URL:


Hurry over to Scott's renewed site and be sure to give him the razz of his life! Welcome back, Scott!


Mozilla IconIHeartNY - Matthew Bice just keeps on adding to his genius. At IheartNY you can find a new version of the OmniWeb icon, Splash Screen, and Startup Page, as well as a preview of the up-and-coming More Ways to Skin a Dock! Check it out!


Check 'em Out!


Send us your news: press@macmonkies.com


News On The Net...

Apple Store Strategy: Consumer Friendly - Apple has been making their store openings very consumer friendly. They now have a "New To Mac" section to help consumers choose which Mac would be best for them. Apple also offers workshops and presentations about Mac products up to two weeks after store openings. Another event Apple has added to their store openings is a Grand Sweepstakes in which consumers can win a package including a computer, digital camera and camcorder, and a printer. Sign me up! - from MacCentral

There's A Little Green Man In Your Head - Soon, the voices you hear in your Little Green Manhead might just be real. Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger have developed a tooth implant that acts like a receiver so that a person can hear an alarm clock, the radio, or stock market quotes from their mouths. The implant sends small vibrations which "stream" sounds into your conscious, without being heard. The implants will be available in the near future through dental surgery, and can be turned on and off by will. For surround sound, a person can get more than one.
Just what I need. I have a hard enough time getting those voices to keep quiet! - from Wired

Yahoo! Janitors Don't Yahoo - Janitors at Yahoo! are demanding more money. They make a mere $16,000 and have no health insurance. According to one janitor, "Yahoo! has a lot of money, but they don't pay us well." When asked to comment, Yahoo responded by saying it was a "matter between the SEIU and Team Services." You can check out the janitors' campaign website at boohooyahoo.com.
- from The Register

People Pick Purple: New M&M Color - This August, packages of M&Ms will M&Mscontain the new color purple, as announced last Wednesday. With more than 10 million voters around the world, the color purple won with 41 percent of the vote. Aqua was second with 37 percent, and Pink last with 19 percent. The Ms in the name M&Ms stand for the companies who co-founded the candy, Mars and Murrie. They have had the same slogan since 1954: "The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand."
- from Excite

Lizard Lunch - A man named Suwan Meunlow has been swallowing live Lizardgeckos every day to help him with stomach problems. Meunlow developed stomach problems at the age of eighteen and after visiting many doctors, nothing helped. A neighbor told him that swallowing live lizards would help. Meunlow is now forty-eight years old. He has swallowed live geckos since he was eighteen and has had no stomach problems.
Now, I have heard of that new Gecko technology, but this is RIDICULOUS! - from Ananova


the Apevine

Have you Heard?

G5 Far From Finished? - Sources are saying that Apple's up-and-coming new processor - the G5 - may not arrive on the market as soon as hoped. Word has it that the G5 will not arrive till late 2003. Mac Rumors quotes MacBidouille as saying that "manufacturing is, however, not very reliable in terms of loss and is too expensive for the moment." They also state that the new motherboards do not support OS9. This is an interesting point. Steve Jobs has indeed officially laid OS9 development to rest. However, will enough people have made the full switch to OSX to justify Apple's new hardware to abandon pre-OSX? Many Windows users, for example, still have not upgraded to XP from Windows '98 simply due to lack of application support. Furthermore, Apple has already received its share of flack for its lack of OSX support for recent models of its own hardware. If these rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Have some inside information on upcoming events? Review our Submission Policy and drop us a line!

Very Ape!

Check 'em Out!

Mac of Choice! - If you just can't get enough of that cool Mac stuff, and you need another site or 3 to check out all things Mac, then slip on over to MacPiCkS.com! MacPiCkS offers a list of literally hundreds of Mac locations to get your fix of Macintosh News, Reviews, and E-zines.

Don't have a Mac attack. Slip on over to MacPiCkS and satisfy your Mac craving!


Just Plain Nutz!


As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.


In the supermarket was a man pushing a cart that contained a screaming, bellowing baby. The gentleman kept repeating softly, "Don't get excited, Albert; Don't scream, Albert; Don't yell, Albert; Keep calm, Albert." A woman standing next to him said, "You certainly are to be commended for trying to soothe your son, Albert." The man looked at her and said, "Lady, I'm Albert."


Congressional Virus: Computer locks up screens split vertically with a message on each half blaming the other side for the problem.


Mother: There you go, tracking mud all over the house! Didn't I tell you to wipe your feet before you came in??'

Daughter: Oh, nobody's blaming you, Mom. You did all you could.


A three-year-old boy went with his dad to see a new litter of kittens. On returning home, he breathlessly informed his mother, "There were two boy kittens and two girl kittens." "How did you know that?" his mother asked. "Daddy picked them up and looked underneath," he replied. "I think it's printed on the bottom."


If you introduce your wife as "mylady@home.wife"

If your spouse sends you an e-mail instead of calling you to dinner

If you stare at an orange juice container because it says CONCENTRATE

If the only jokes you receive are through e-mail

If you look forward to Christmas only to put together the kids' toys

If you have used coat hangers and duct tape for something other than hanging coats and taping ducts

If you window shop at Radio Shack

If you have modified your can-opener to be microprocessor driven

If you know the direction the water swirls when you flush


Two guys were riding in a car, arguing about how to say the name of the city that they were in. One said "Louieville" and the other "Louisville." They went on arguing and arguing, until they came upon a fast-food restaurant. The one guy goes inside and says to the waitress, "Tell me the name of the place where I am right now really, really, really slowly." The waitress goes, "Bur-ger-King."


When the mother returned from the grocery store, her small son pulled out the box of animal crackers he had begged for, then he spread the animal-shaped crackers all over the kitchen counter. "What are you doing?" his mom asked. "The box says you can't eat them if the seal is broken," the boy explained. "I'm looking for the seal."


A young editor was having trouble with her computer. She called the computer guy over to her desk. He clicked a couple buttons and solved the problem.

The editor asked, "So, what was wrong?"

He replied, "It was an ID ten T error."

"An ID ten T error? What's that ... in case I need to fix it again??"

The computer guy replied, "Haven't you ever heard of an ID ten T error before?"

"No," she said.

"Write it down," he said, "and I think you'll figure it out."

She wrote...

I D 1 0 T

Have a good line or two that would put a smile on an Ape Face? Check out MacMonkies' Submission Policy and drop us a line!


Monkie Business!

Odds and Ends


God gave us time so that everything wouldn't happen at once.

In my case, my watch broke.


Wise Man

If suffering brings wisdom, I wish to be less wise.

- W.B. Yeats









 the Bottom Lineline4

(What more did you expect?! )

"In Brief"

Info & Updates

Paper-Free Plane Tickets

Airlines to use electronic tickets exclusively by December 2003

Mac OS9
iView MediaPro 1.5r2

Catalogs, archives, plays, & displays graphics files

TattleTech 2.84

Reports on 900+ items for system, hardware & peripherals

Speed Download 1.8.2b

Download manager & accelerator

MacDopplerPro 1.8.2

Amateur radio: satellite track, doppler correction

siMPle3 Player 1.0.3

Incredibly simple carbonized audio player

Apple CarbonLib 1.6

For using Carbon based apps

Apple Authoring Support 1.1.9

CD burning support for iTunes or Disc Burner

iNotePad 1.6.1

Alternative to Apple's Note Pad

MacLogger DX 1.5

DX radio station tuner

Resize! 1.3.4

Resize a folder of images to any given size in one click

Apple Repair Privileges Utility 1.0

Restores privileges to default

LiteSwitch X 1.0.1

Enhanced keyboard application switcher

Cocoa eFax 0.9.6b22

Fax software

OmniWeb 4.1

Popular Web browser

LaunchBar 3.2.2

Open files, urls, email address by typing abbreviation

CharView 2.0b2

Shows all printing characters of a selected font

JustReminderZ 2.9.4

Alarm and event notification tool

CopyPaste X 1.4

Multiple clipboard editing, archiving & display

iView MediaPro 1.5r2

Catalogs, archives, plays, & displays graphics files

MorphX 2.5

Creates morphing transitions between images or movies

Keyboard Maestro 1.1.2

Hot key & macro tool, launcher, multiple clipboards

Apple Networking Update 1.0

Improves network & net access (use software update)

Speed Download 1.8.2b

Download manager & accelerator

shadowGoogle 1.0

Desktop googlePad

MacDopplerPro X 1.8.2

Amateur radio: satellite track, doppler correction

siMPle3 Player 1.0.3

Incredibly simple carbonized audio player

CD Session Burner 1.0

Burn multiple CDR sessions until all space is used

iNotePad 1.6.1

Alternative to Apple's Note Pad

MacLogger DX 1.5

DX radio station tuner

Scheduler 3.2.1

All-around scheduling utility

FSCalendar 1.1

Simple calendar for quick access


 Editor's Notes

Monkie Nut

Sometimes you feel like a nut.

Sometimes you don't.


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